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WordPress Archive Chart Plugin - wiki.campino2k.de

WordPress Archive Chart Plugin


Deutsch Ein WordPress-Plugin, dass die Häufigkeit von Einträgen mittels der Google Chart API darstellt.

English A WordPress plugin, which displays recent posting frequency in a chart generated by google chart API

Code info


Insert shortcode in post: [archive_chart]


[archive_chart name="Posting frequency over the last 24 months" width="1200" height="400" count="24"]


Parameter function default val version
name Display costum Title over the chart. Posting-Häufigkeit -
width Define pixel width of the chart 600 -
height Define the pixel height of the chart 120 -
count Define how many month the chart shold render 12 -
linecolor Define the color of the graph 3D7930 0.9.2
fillcolor Define the color of the fill marker C5D4B5 0.9.2
filltrans Define the transparency of the fill color.
00 → completely transparent
FF → completely opaque
BB 0.9.2
bgcolor Define the background color of the image FFFFFF 0.9.4
bgtrans Define the transparency of the background color.
00 → completely transparent
FF → completely opaque
empty=FF 0.9.4



  • Make background color and transparency configurable


  • Corrected some links (plugin-URI, donation link)


  • Set grid display to automatic to „snap“ every 5 points on y-axis and only to data points on x-axis
  • Correction of some display glitches with maximum value(s)
  • Added Support of Changing the color


  • Corrected some numbers


  • First Version
  • Height, Widht, Name, Count Parameters working
  • Getting the right chart and scales




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