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====== leDashboard ====== <flattr> button=static thing=744093 align=right </flattr> An iGoogle-Clone based on JavaScript and SimplePie Objectives so far: * provide a self reloading feed dashboard * use simple pie to manage feeds * communicate via AJAX with PHP * No DB usage (easy to deploy) * Easy integration ===== Screenshots ===== {{:programmierung:ledashboard_2012_08_20.png?200x150|Screenshot vom 20.08.2012}} {{:programmierung:ledashboard_2012_07_21.png?200x150|Screenshot vom 21.07.2012}} {{:programmierung:ledashboard_2012_07_17.png?200x150|Screenshot vom 17.07.2012}} {{:programmierung:ledashboard_2012_07_14.png?200x150|Screenshot vom 14.07.2012}} {{:programmierung:ledashboard.png?200x150|Screenshot vom 11.07.2012}} ===== Code Info ===== <WRAP box column > **Last Repository changes** {{rss>http://github.com/campino2k/leDashboard/commits/master.atom}} </WRAP> <WRAP box column> **Roadmap to Version 1** * User settings * Security * Check Posted Data * Error Handling in saving feeds **Plans for further Development** * Switch to [[http://underscorejs.org/|Underscore.js]] and [[http://backbonejs.org/|Backbone.js]] * Style polishing (perhaps create jQuery-UI theme for it) ((optional)) * Make IE work **Far far away:** * node.js-Version </WRAP> <WRAP column 25%> <WRAP download 100%> **Download** At this time, there is no download, just get the development [[https://github.com/campino2k/leDashboard|code from Github]]</WRAP> <WRAP info 100%> {{githubbadge>campino2k/leDashboard}} </WRAP> </WRAP> <WRAP clear></WRAP> ===== Versions ===== no versions yet ===== Links ===== * [[http://jquery.com|jQuery]] * [[http://jqueryui.com|jQueryUI]] * [[http://lesscss.org|LESS]] * [[http://simplepie.org/|SimplePie]]



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