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TL;DR - Too Long; Didn't Read - wiki.campino2k.de

TL;DR - Too Long; Didn't Read

Provides Shortcode for easy assigning a TL;DR section


Put the Shortcode [tldr] or [tl_dr] around an abstract written on the end of the post. You're done.


This is an abstract


Install Plugin via WordPress Install or upload the .zip file

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any database usage with this plugin?


Of course you can!

Using your own styles: Create a CSS file named 'screen_custom.css' in the 'css/' folder of the plugin. This will be taken as style file instead.

Alternatively you can overwrite single properties with your default stylesheet:

.tldr-section /* The Wrapper for the .tldr-list */ 
.tldr-list /* UL which holds one LI with a link to the TL;DR-Section */ 
.tldr-link /* The link to the bottom, contains a span with a arrow pointing down */
.tldr /* DIV-Wrapper for the TL;DR section, usually bold text */
.tldr-text /* SPAN-Wrapper for the "TL;DR:" line before the text */




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