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An iGoogle-Clone based on JavaScript and SimplePie

Objectives so far:

  • provide a self reloading feed dashboard
  • use simple pie to manage feeds
  • communicate via AJAX with PHP
  • No DB usage (easy to deploy)
  • Easy integration


Screenshot Login vom 15.11.2012 Screenshot Login 13.11.2012 Screenshot 20.08.2012 Screenshot 21.07.2012 Screenshot 17.07.2012 Screenshot 14.07.2012 Screenshot 11.07.2012

Usage Information

Create User Account

To create a User:

  1. edit config/users.json
  2. remove th unneeded ones / change them to your data
  3. to generate the password: log in with wrong credentials, there's an error message saying „whoopsie[somerandomnumbers]“
  4. put the random numbers into the password-property in the json file
  5. create an empty directory with the user name and make sure the webserver can write in it. Best would be to copy an existing user.

Code Info

Roadmap to Version 1

  • User settings
  • Security
    • Check Posted Data
    • Error Handling in saving feeds

Plans for further Development

Far far away:

  • node.js-Version


At this time, there is no download, just get the development code from Github


no versions yet



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